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What is Ben's Desktop Controller?
Ben's Desktop Controller is an application that allows you to control your Windows desktop from a device with a touch screen.
What can I do with Ben's Desktop Controller?
Send keys or mouse commands
to applications
including games
Launch applications
Monitor your
computer's hardware
Make using
computers easier,
more productive
& more fun!
Why use Ben's Desktop Controller?
Quickly find
needed functions
Works with most
touch screen devices
Highly customizable
to suit your needs
with plug-ins
How does it work?
Ben's Desktop Controller is an application that runs in Windows. Once the application is running, you can access the command buttons from a device with a touch screen via a web page on your local network. This means that you can use any touch screen device, like a phone or tablet* that can access your local network, with Ben's Desktop Controller.

*You will need to connect through your local wi-fi network.

Ben's Desktop Controller
is made possible
thanks to the support of
people like you!

Current Version
(Early Access):


Configure your button screens to fit your needs.

Each button can be customized.

Choose button contents from a variety of options.

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